Doctors Lee work patiently with you to ensure that your prescription is accurate, comfortable and best suits your vision requirements. Binocular vision is carefully assessed to check eye coordination, muscle control and focusing ability. The health evaluation includes determination of intraocular pressure, an important risk factor in glaucoma. Dilation of the pupils enables the doctors to comprehensively view the interior structures of the eyes to detect disorders of the the retina as well as certain systemic diseases. Visual field testing aids in detecting early signs of ocular and neurological diseases.

Doctors Lee and Lee take the time to fit each patient with the most appropriate contact lenses for the patients visual needs. Whether it be rigid gas permeable lenses, astigmatic lenses, or disposable lenses for full-time, part-time, or occasional use, the doctors have many years of experience with many lens types.

The doctors offer consultation services for various types of refractive surgery. They provide pre-operative and post-operative LASIK care. The doctors work closely with the finest surgeons in the area to ensure the best quality of care for their patients.

The doctors have great interest in Myopia Management for our younger nearsighted patients. They may recommend the FDA-approved MiSight Brilliant Futures Program or Corneal Refractive Therapy (overnight wear of rigid lenses to reshape the eye). As certified prescribers, they are happy to discuss the best options for minimizing myopic progression.

We also offer a diverse and unique selection of distinctive eyewear. Our friendly and energetic staff will help you select frames that not only look good, but will also fit you properly, and are compatible with your lens prescription. We work with a variety of high quality lens providers, including the Shamir family of lenses. We gladly fill any current spectacle prescriptions from other doctors.

Types of Payment Accepted 

We accept cash and all major credit cards, including HSA and FSA.

Insurance Plans 

We accept VSP – Vision Service Plan.

Facilities and Equipment
Our in-house laboratory allows for expedient high-quality service. The most technologically advanced lens designs are used, including the latest high index and progressive lenses.

Schedule your next comprehensive eye exam at Invision Optometry. We work with Vision Service Plan (VSP) and we work with your FSA/HSA benefits.